Monday, August 19, 2013

Channel Master continues to help CBS viewers in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas end the Time Warner Cable Blackout

Watch CBS for Free today For 18 days CBS fans in NY, LA and Dallas continue to be stuck in the middle of an ongoing PR war between Time Warner Cable and CBS. CBS fans in these markets are now learning that this blackout may continue well into NFL football season. Channel Master has taken thousands of calls from customers wanting to know how they can prevent these types of blackouts in the future. The answer is simple; get a Channel Master antenna today! Use coupon code “RestoreCBS" on to save 15% off any antenna.

No large outdoor antenna required, the engineers at Channel Master have verified that a simple indoor antenna will pick up the free CBS broadcast signals available in these markets. Still unsure which antenna will work; checkout five that are perfect for these markets!

CM4030HD CM4045HD CM4046HD CM4050HD CM3000HD
CLASSICtenna - Bunny ears style revamped and amplified. FLATenna - Small and thin footprint, practically invisible. MODERNtenna - Sleek and sharp, hide this amplified antenna in plane sight. CLEARtenna- Versatile and amplified, this clamp-on style can be placed practically anywhere. SMARTenna - Indoor and outdoor ready, multi-directional, the smart way to watch free TV.

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